We Need Volunteers To Improve Our Understanding of the Human Immune System

Multiplexed Droplet Single-Cell RNA-Sequencing Using Natural Genetic Variation

SCITO-Seq: Single-Cell Combinatorial Indexed Cytometry Sequencing

XYZeq: Spatially-resolved single-cell RNA-sequencing reveals expression heterogeneity in the tumor microenvironment

Multiplexed Multimodal Single-Cell and Spatial Sequencing

Current single-cell sequencing studies are usually limited by the investment of precious samples and high experimental costs. We have developed an experimental workflow (mux-seq) and the company algorithm (demuxlet) which enables multiplexed single-cell sequencing of genetically different samples and demultiplexing based on natural genetic variations. This approach allows for increased cell input and reduced reagent […]

Cody Mowery

Elizabeth McCarthy

George Hartoularos

Byungjin Hwang, Ph.D.

David Lee